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Voor het filmprogramma van Metropolis Festival slaat Metropolis de handen in één met een aantal vermaarde filmfestivals en productie maatschappijen, waaronder WaterBear.

WaterBear heeft als missie om een nieuw podium te creëren voor documentaires. Zij geloven dat documentaires een grote kans bieden voor verandering; ze kunnen mensen inspireren en uitnodigen om actieve doeners te worden in plaats van passieve kijkers. Wij zijn het met hun eens: laten we stoppen met doemdenken en de klimaatdiscussie veranderen naar een gesprek gericht op oplossingen!

WaterBear presenteert op Metropolis de volgende korte films:

Europe’s Biggest Lie (the Netherlands)
Start 13:30 duur 21 min

This short film goes beyond the headlines to uncover the human stories behind Europe’s biggest environmental threat. Told using a range of contributors in the Netherlands, we reveal the scale and life threatening impact of the pollution that we breathe in everyday, as well as the inaction of our governments. This is about the major steel factory: Tata Steel.

Start 13:55 duur 23 min

Based on the lived expe­ri­ence of co-writer Ayman Alhus­sein, this film fol­lows the sto­ry of an asy­lum seek­er in Eng­land who is forced to live on the fringes of soci­ety and rely on his bike to survive.

The First Drop of Rain: Making of Matar
Start 14:22 duur 17 min

A behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of MATAR. Central to this video is the story of Hiba Noor, a multi-disciplinary artist who’s fled Pakistan and is still waiting for a decision on her asylum claim.

Start 14:43 duur 13 min

AYMAN gives a first-hand glimpse into the conditions refugees experience. A first-hand glimpse into the conditions refugees experience, this film is told from the perspective of Ayman Alhussein, a young Syrian refuge

The Black Mermaid
Start 15:00 duur 9 min

Throughout history, Black communities have had a treacherous relationship with water, depicted as a powerful yet destructive entity by African folklore. This is a story never told before, but necessary now more than ever: a modern day tale of the Black Mermaid, Zandile Ndhlovu, who is changing the perception of the ocean in her community since 2016, when she overcame her fears and fell in love with freediving.

Broken Wings
Start 15:09 duur 6 min

Broken Wings is a unique documentary-music film that tells the untold story of bird poaching around the world. Imagine a world where forests are silent.

Behind the Screens
Start 15:19 duur 10 min

Behind the Screens takes viewers on an immersive journey into the people, places and materials behind our everyday obsession with the mobile phone.  A visceral documentary that exposes the complex, resource-intensive production process of the device that frames so much of modern-day conversation.

A Circulair Solution
Start 15:29 duur 4 min

The earth’s ability to endure the destructive processes of industrialisation is reaching its limit. Society generates more than 2 billion tonnes of household waste. Fortunately, there is another way, that is not only beneficial to the environment, but that could also save worldwide industries an estimated one trillion dollars each and every year.

Together We Dance
15:38 duur 18 min

Jonathon felt compelled to share with others how dance had helped them through their darkest days. They defied the odds during the pandemic to create Movement Space, a thriving business and a supportive community centred around dance.

Every Living Thing Bees & Wolves
Start 16:00 duur 16 min

What comes before the a-pocalypse? The bee-pocalypse. The climate crisis is impacting insects hardest and for these unsung heroes – migration isn’t an option. One of the most important species on the planet, bees are a critical link in the chain of life that extends all the

Join us as we unravel wolf mythology and get personal with the natural world’s most loveable rogues. See how our stories intertwine. Why we love to loathe them. How we brought them to the brink and what we can do to bring them back. Unpack their anatomy. Unearth their evolution.

The Whale Who Saved Me
Start 16:20 duur 13 min

In 2017, whale biologist Nan Hauser had an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experience. While snorkeling in the pristine waters of the Cook Islands, a Humpback Whale approached her and for 10 minutes pushed her around with its mouth and fin.

Can Capitalism Solve The Climate Crisis?  And Is Sustainability A Lie?
Start 16:37 duur 17 min

It’s clear that our current capitalist system isn’t working for people or planet. This episode dives into the current system failing our planet and explores alternative ideas that could form an entirely new economic system.

While ‘sustainability’ might be everyone’s favourite buzzword, what does it really mean? In this episode, we investigate the origins of the sustainable movement and question what the future holds.


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